What the hell is going on here?

This began as a joke. Someone said "You owe me a blowjob." Then along came dApps and that "Aha!" moment. Now it's possible to make good on that BJ debt without... y'know. I don't expect this little coin to do much of anything except be an educational experience on deploying contracts on the ethereum blockchain and servicing users. However... there's a chance that others will find this silly thing as funny as I do. We'll see.

This is not an initial coin offering. It has no end date. The price is set in the contract at 1 BJ = 0.01 eth. This won't change. If BJs gets listed on an exchange, they should never be worth than 0.01 eth. Regardless, we've got an open and verifiable BJ marketplace.

I set the contract to give me 10,000 BJs. If only they were real. They will be shared. It's nice to share. On the other hand, it might be bad to be known as the guy who gave 10,000 BJs.

After deployment, the desired experience came rolling in with trying to get the thing listed on an exchange, getting other people involved, setting up the subreddit and slack, using etherscan.io, etherwallet.com, rpc endpoints, and on and on. In other words, the BJ token has met its initial goals. Time for some stretch goals.

BJs for good

It turns out that the BJ contract is almost perfectly designed for helping make charitable contributions. That will be a continuing thing. The BJ contract automatically sends every ether it receives to a configurable wallet. The contract owner can set that wallet to whatever, wherever, or whomever. It seems a good thing to aim those ethers where they can do some good. The home page will always say where the ether are going.

The interesting thing about the BJ contract is that the ether going into the charity look like they came from the original sender. Check out the whitepaper for details.

BJs for bad

Along with the good, maybe a little bad every now and then. Something that immediately came to mind is a lottery dApp. If the BJ wallet is directed to a lottery dApp, then everyone getting a BJ gets a lotto ticket too. This could be fun.


Sometimes those ether will simply profit the contract owner. Server fees, geth rpc endpoint on AWS, support for writing new dApps, etc. Maybe, someday, these will be a day job instead of coding on nights and weekends.