Why have people invested so heavily in crypto-kitties when they could get blowjobs instead? It boggles the mind.

This token is just for fun. It is not a promise of actually getting blown. Unless you make it so. It turns out that it is huge fun to give these tokens away just for the bragging rights. Who can you give a blowjob to? Who is your favorite celebrity? Do they have an ethereum address? The possibilities are endless. The price is programmed into the contract: 0.01 eth per 1.0 BJ. Fractional BJs, although frustrating, are fully supported.

Your appetite whetted, you are wondering how to get a blowjob so that you can give a blowjob. Simple. Go to the subreddit and ask. Provide an address that has seen some use and you'll likely get a blowjob. I'm not going to spend my gas on the transfer if you don't have some ether in there to cover your gas when you gift a BJ to someone else. Transfers may take a while because I'm processing requests by hand and the blockchain might be plagued by some other collectible.

Another, far quicker, way of getting a BJ is by sending ether directly to the contract address using a wallet such as those provided by ethereum.org (Mist or Wallet). That's the "Transfer" option over on the right side of the window. For fun, I've registered the ethernet domains "getblown.eth" and "fell8io.eth" so you don't have to cut and paste the whole contract address.

If you're using coinbase or a similar wallet provider then do whatever it you do when you get other tokens. I need to experiment with coinbase.com and blockchain.info so I can give decent instructions. For BJ transfers, your coinbase/blockchain.info/whatever "receive" address will work but you'll have to go elsewhere, like etherscan.io, to see the BJ. Myetherwallet.com works normally. Just transfer from your address to the blowjob contract address.

Blowjob token sales are currently enriching the contract owner. I tried directing the proceeds to charity but no one played along. Check the white paper to see how the contract works and how it is (unintenionally) perfect for making charitable contributions.

If you have ethereum wallet information for the EFF, EPIC, FSF, Smithsonian Institution, Shriners Hospitals, or Khan Acadamy - please share the info on the Blowjob Token subreddit. We'd like to aim some ether at charities rated four stars by Charity Navigator